Weird Laws of the World App Reviews

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Crap app

This app isnt even worth a free download, no law just says (null). This app is rubish


This is very useful to know the customs of foreign countries. I felt that the world is too big to understand.

Complete junk dont waste your money

If you like the white apple of death you will download! This app is a complete mess only one law on the page!!!

Weird Lawa

Not what I thought it would it be!!!!

Doesnt work

I purchased app as a novelty. Since it has been installed on my iphone it either displays "null" or opens the title page for a few seconds and then goes back to my home screne. Great idea but needs a lot of work.


Gotta love the law!

Weird laws eh?

Did you know that in the U.S. It it is gay to put a price on an app and have it just say " null" I would rather eat 99cents than bought this app


The last 2 I saw were about the womans v@9!n@


(null)? this is rubish


I wish there was a few laws a day, and maybe an archive of previous laws. Did you know in Montana; if 4 or more Indians are in a group its called a war party, and so its leagal to shoot them. I think I got that one out of a crazy laws book.

Does not function well

As someone else mentioned too, it is null or just crashes sometimes and also i wish it would show more than one law per day, it also starts up very slow. Boooo!!

Please add an archive function

I just wish I could see more than one a day

Null null null null null

If your gonna make a app that doesnt work the least you can do is make it say somthing that makes since.

Interesting App.

This app is a cool idea and I notice many people were complaining only 1 law dailey, but now there is a random button so you can cycle through many laws. I would add a favorite section so you can keep your favorites for viewing. Also by hitting random button too quickly will cause crashing this should be fixed

"Law of Guam"

Offensive the Law of Guam isnt even a real law. There is no such law in existense on Guam. What else are they lying about?!


Funny laws

Pretty good but....

There are tons of misspellings!! Its driving me crazy!!

I use it every single day

seriously....every day. i love it


Great app and everything my friends ask me every day to check the weird law, but it seems that it is repeating its self

5 stars but one

5 stars but theres one mess up every once in awhile it spells something wroung like when I seen it they spelled time wroung but worth 1$ and they should make like where u can save your fav ones that would be cool